Penguin Journey: Educator's Toolkit

Thank you for using Penguin Journey in your classroom! Here are some resources for teachers, librarians, and caregivers. You may want to check out this storytime guide for Penguin Journey. If you're interested in a virtual visit, you can find out more here. Be sure to check back as more resources will be added. 

Nonfiction Text Selections

Use the following nonfiction texts to support young readers and help build background knowledge. 

                                                                 "What Is an Emperor Penguin?"

                                                                 Reading passage and vocabulary from Wonderopolis.

                                                                 "Do Penguins Have Knees?"

                                                       Reading passage, vocabulary, and video from Wonderopolis.

                                                       A Waddle of Penguins

                                                                 Nonfiction e-book with audio narration from United Literacy.

                                                                Emperor Penguin Facts

                                                                Includes images, map, and video from National Geographic Kids.

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